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Monthly Archives: February 2022

    Stone Veneer vs. Thin Brick Veneer

    By Kristia Cruz | February 28, 2022

    Walking down the sidewalk of your neighborhood, what draws your attention towards a home? It may be the delightfully manicured front yard, the home’s marvelous silhouette created by its roof shape, or it might be the home’s beautiful façade, which features interesting textured walls! It’s essential to select the right material that is functionally and... Read More

    Fireplace or No Fireplace

    By Kristia Cruz | February 21, 2022

    Walking into your dream living room, what’s the object in the space’s focal point that would first catch your eye? Will it be a spectacular fireplace, bringing in a warm atmosphere in the room? Or would you rather have a room without a fireplace? Instead of it, you might want an entertainment center, where you... Read More

    Galley Kitchen or L-Shaped Kitchen?

    By Kristia Cruz | February 3, 2022

    Galley Kitchen or L-Shaped Kitchen? The kitchen layout is important in planning since it will determine the users’ ability to move around, while preventing ‘direct contact between warm and cold areas” (Pereira, 2020) and how it will be used (“How to Correctly Design and Build a Kitchen”, 2016). The concept of a work triangle is... Read More