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Bathroom Sinks: Are Double Vanity Sinks better?

A bathroom’s functionality can be determined through its maneuverability, convenience, and storage. One of the primary features of a bathroom is the sink, which is usually the first feature that you see. Whether you’re thinking of replacing your previous sink or just simply wondering the differences between the two, this article might just help you discover which is the right fit for you!

Single Bathroom Vanity

This type of vanity leaves you plenty of space for a countertop as well as other bathroom fixtures and furniture such as a bathtub, shelving, or a stool. It’s a great space-saving feature that is perfect for tight spaces.


  • It is very suitable for smaller bathrooms! You should choose the size of a single sink vanity that best fits the space while considering storage as well as a comfortable space for maneuvering or circulation.
  • This type of vanity may also present a large counter space, as well as storage space since the drainage pipe only serves one sink, rendering plenty of room for bathroom toiletries. There’s also an option that the sink covers the entire top portion, leaving no space for a counter if it’s not needed.
  • A single vanity offers easier installation and lower cost due it only needing one faucet and sink, as well as lesser plumbing lines needed compared to a double vanity

Double Bathroom Vanity

A double vanity sink is a bathroom feature that may improve home value and marketability. As stated in a study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders in 2021, it ranked third in the most-wanted bathroom features chosen as “essential” by home buyers (NAHB, 2021). Aside from this, there are other advantages of a double vanity!

Take a look at one of our listings’ double vanity sink which also features wall mounted faucets and plenty of counter space and storage (left); This other photo shows two sinks side by side with little counter space ideal for smaller spaces or if counter space isn’t necessary. Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash (right)

  • This is ideal for shared bathroom space, leaving you your own personal space to use while also keeping your own bathroom toiletries separate. This also enables two people to use the sinks simultaneously.
  •  A double vanity may also provide large counter space unless the two sinks are almost next to each other presenting little to no space for a counter. So unless a counter isn’t needed, this leaves little space to put your essential toiletries and accessories.
  • It may also provide additional storage space depending on the length of the vanity, rendering space for cabinets and drawers.

Double Sink

Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

Torn between a single and a double vanity? You might want to consider this double sink which combines the two options into one: it has one drainage pipe while having two faucets. Before choosing to remodel, consult with one of our realtors to understand the value vs. the cost of building equity in your Tri-Cities home. If you’re interested in more home features, check out our Ultimate Real Estate Guide which might be helpful for you!


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