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Countertops – What Type Is Best For Your Home?

A kitchen with two types of countertops – tile on the left and granite on the right

Believe it or not, countertops are one of the most utilized assets in our homes. Think about it; the variety of things they hold, the amount of messes and spills they endure… our countertops do a lot for us! But what about our home? Different types of counters add varying values to your home, and today, we’re looking at the most popular countertop options and their pros and cons.


Laminate countertops are the least expensive, making them a very common and practical choice

Possibly the most common countertop material is laminate. Laminate is a man-made material, created by putting laminate boards on top of microfiber planks and sealing them with plastic. Laminate is one of the cheapest countertop options, and comes in either pre-cut slabs or custom sizes. It’s rather easy to install and can be done yourself, as opposed to hiring a professional. It doesn’t need any maintenance and is easy to keep clean. However, laminate can be prone to cracking or chipping, and fixing it is nearly impossible without replacing the entire piece. Being the least expensive option to install, it adds the least value to your home, so buyers who are looking for luxury may pass on a kitchen with laminate counters.


Just like floors, ceramic tile can also be used on countertops! It offers perhaps the widest array of design options – colors, patterns, tile sizes, orientation and more. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other countertop materials and can be installed by just about anyone with enough patience. It’s incredibly easy to clean and heat resistant, making it a great choice for kitchens. While it requires no regular maintenance, tile can crack or shatter under heavy loads.


Granite is often regarded as the king when it comes to high quality, luxurious countertops. A natural stone, granite is among the most expensive options for counters. It’s incredibly damage resistant and heat resistant, and comes in a variety of natural colors. It’s not maintenance-free, however; granite will need to be resealed regularly, as it’s a porous material and is prone to trapping dirt and stains. It requires professional installation and often is custom-cut to your counter, and can crack if installed wrong. Overall, granite is still one of the best options if you’re going for a look of luxury.

A marble countertop luxuriously ties together this bathroom design


Above granite is marble, another natural stone countertop option. Marble is often even more expensive than granite, and only comes in its natural color, white. Marbles downsides come from the material’s natural softness – well, relative softness, as far as countertops go. It’s easily scratched and, being a white, porous stone, is prone to staining. Like granite, it will need to be refinished often to keep from getting stained or worn. It has to be professionally installed as well, further adding to the extraordinary cost.


A newer option, quartz is quickly picking up momentum as being the new premium countertop. Unlike other stone options, quartz is manmade, meaning it offers fewer imperfections than marble or quartz and isn’t porous. It can come in a near-infinite amount of colors, meaning it can accent your room regardless of what designs you choose. Quartz is resistant to both scratching and staining, and doesn’t require resealing. The downside, of course, is the cost. Quartz is one of the most expensive options, more expensive than granite, and also requires professional installation.

Overall, the type of counter you choose can have an impact on your resale value, but more importantly, you should choose your favorite option based on your budget and design preferences.

If you are considering adding any of these tops to your home or making selections for a new build then you may want to get an opinion from our Listing Specialist to see what price valuation it will add to your home.  We are a group of trusted real estate advisers in the Tri-Cities, Washington area so don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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