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Dear You, It’s okay.

September is here and the month is filled with not only the cool autumn breeze but also awareness and support! Join us as we give our thoughts on the National Suicide Prevention Month and how you can be apart of the help people need!

September has finally arrived. We are not only close to having colder weather but we are in the season of going back to school. The kids and also parents are mentally preparing themselves for the time of their lives to be “back to normal”. As the warmth of summer fades and the days grow shorter, September marks not only the return of children to their classrooms but also a time to reflect on their emotional well-being. it is National Suicide Prevention Month. 

In today’s interconnected world, the spread of mental health awareness has become more crucial than ever before. As we navigate our fast-paced lives, it is important that we not only acknowledge the significance of mental health but actively work to destigmatize it. By raising our collective voice and sharing our experiences, struggles, and triumphs, we can break down the barriers that have long shrouded mental health in secrecy and shame. This global movement encourages empathy, compassion, and understanding, promoting open conversations about mental well-being and offering vital support to those who may be silently battling their inner demons. Together, we have the power to create a more inclusive, empathetic society where individuals feel safe to seek help, where mental health is regarded with the same importance as physical health, and where the spread of mental health awareness becomes a beacon of hope for all.

Us at Community Real Estate Group recognize the strength and willpower of the people that struggle with mental health illnesses. It is difficult to fight a battle with your own brain, even more so alone.  We want you to know that it is okay, you are enough, and that you always will be. There is life outside of the horror of your thoughts, as difficult it is to crawl out, it is there. All you have to do is reach. What’s a little adventure without a bit of fear, right? 

Mental health is quite a hard topic to thread around but it doesn’t mean it is something that should go unnoticed or not talked about at all. We are the Community Real Estate Group, to not prioritize our client’s health over anything would be rather contradicting, won’t it?

 If you are suffering through any kind of self-harm or deprecating conditions, we STRONGLY ask that you contact the following hotlines for help.

Suicide & Crisis Hotline: 711 or 988

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line: Text HEAL to 741-741


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