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Get organized: Decluttering tips for your home

Below are some of the tips shared by our listing specialists that you can find helpful whether you are decluttering to get your home ready for selling or simply doing a spring cleaning or purging! Check out a printable infographic version of our decluttering tips now!

Tip 1: Separate into Three Groups

  • ——
    1. To Keep
    2. To Sell
    3. To Donate

For the ones you’ll keep:

  • Start packing them into storage bins so they’ll be more organized. By doing so, it still gives you access to them while making your room feel bigger and more spacious
  • if they still make your home feel cluttered, have them stored for a while in a storage unit.

Tip 2: Empty out your Closets

Start putting away your clothes and packing them up. Store necessary clothes in a suitcase for easier access, while putting away the rest in packing boxes!

Tip 3: Clear your countertops

Kitchen and bathroom counters need to be cleared as well. For the bathroom, store hygiene products in smaller storage boxes like Tupperware, etc. so it will be more accessible for you to use.


One can tell how well cared for a home is by its tidy walls, pantry, garage, and yard. So make sure to stay organized while keeping your home in top shape!

If you have some more tips that we might have missed, don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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