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Fall Maintenance

Fall Maintenance - Four Important To-Dos This Fall | Community Real Estate Group

Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays are just around the corner. The days are going by quickly, so don’t forget to add a Fall Maintenance to your list!

Schedule a roof inspection | Community Real Estate Group

Look for any damage on your roof and schedule repairs if necessary. Even better, you can arrange for a professional roof inspection to fully know your roof’s condition and prepare it for the autumn showers and heavy snow during the winter.

Inspect and clean gutter and downspouts | Community Real Estate Group

Clean your gutters and downspouts for any fallen leaves and debris: scoop up the bigger debris and flush out the remaining small debris. After cleaning it out, inspect your gutters for any damages or leaks so they can efficiently protect your home from rainwater as the season brings about occasional showers. If your house is surrounded by mature trees, you might consider installing a gutter guard to ensure that leaves will not pile up in your gutters.

ScheduleDivert water away | Community Real Estate Group

Make some rounds just to make sure that water run-off is diverted away from your home to keep your home’s foundation safe from water damage and erosion. If necessary, install downspout extensions or modify the soil’s grading so the ground slopes away from your house.

Prevent air leaks | Community Real Estate Group

Leaks can lead you to consuming more energy and thereby increasing heating costs as the weather gets colder. Prevent air leaks and efficiently warm up your home by replacing your weatherstripping if needed or caulking any air leaks.

If you have any questions about Fall Maintenance or anything real estate related for this autumn season, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our real estate advisors are knowledgeable and trusted experts on the local Tri-Cities market.

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