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Fireplace or No Fireplace

Walking into your dream living room, what’s the object in the space’s focal point that would first catch your eye? Will it be a spectacular fireplace, bringing in a warm atmosphere in the room? Or would you rather have a room without a fireplace? Instead of it, you might want an entertainment center, where you can watch your favorite shows. Or it can even be a collection of small art pieces, creating some dramatic flare within the room!

With Fireplace

It’s the middle of winter here in the Tri-Cities and nothing might be more relaxing and comforting than sitting by the fireplace and sipping some hot chocolate or tea. Your fireplace can be a spectacular focal point in your living room. Moreover, it’s a great feature in your home! What kind of fireplace do you have?

Your fireplace can be in the middle of the room similar to this ultramodern one or along a wall, like this rusticated fireplace on the right! Which do you like better? Photos by Robin van Geenen (left) and Zac Gudakov (right) on Unsplash.


  • The presence of a fireplace immediately gives of a cozy vibe or ambiance within your living room. Don’t you think so?
  • Efficiency
    • The efficiency of fireplaces depends on the type of fireplace. Just a quick comparison between the three types of fireplace:
      • both electric and gas fireplaces are known to have easier maintenance compared to wood fireplaces in which soot and ash need to be cleaned from the fireplace and chimney or vent
      • Both gas and electric fireplaces are more convenient to use, which can be switched on instantly, whereas more effort is needed for wood fireplaces
      • Both wood and gas fireplaces do not rely on electricity, so if there is a power outage, you can rely on your fireplace to keep you warm!
      • However, a wood fireplace can offer a more authentic experience compared to gas and electric fireplaces (“Gas vs Wood”, 2020).


  • Ventless gas fireplaces are those without vents and chimneys. This type of fireplace may cause carbon monoxide to go into your spaces, so make sure to talk with an expert when choosing this, since there are also guidelines that must be met
  • Wood fireplaces can produce “ultra-fine” particles when burning wood; those who are most at risk when exposed to these are “people with pre-existing cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions” (Rajagopalan, 2020)

Without Fireplace

 Your wall can feature a stunning floor to ceiling bookshelf or an awesome entertainment center! Which will you pick? (Right image photo by Pickawood on Unsplash; Left image exhibits a modern custom-made Entertainment Center similar to our listing in 4156 Queen Street).


  • No need to think about the regular fireplace maintenance
  • A benefit of having no fireplace is you’ll have more interior space, or convert the space into an open concept, if a fireplace is hindering the space from being one (Williams, 2019)
  • You might want to have more wall or storage space in place of a fireplace!
    • Your wall space can feature a series of art pieces or one large one, adding texture and visual impact in the area
    • Combine that wall space and storage space with your entertainment center and BAM! You have a new focal point in your living room.


  • According to some real estate professionals, a home without a fireplace might likely affect the home’s value (Williams, 2019).
  • In case of an electric power outage, especially during the winter season there will be no way to warm your home if you don’t have a gas or wood fireplace!

So between the two, which would you like better, having a fireplace or not having one? Personally, being an anxious person, I’d rather have one primarily for emergencies! Let us know what you think!

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