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Gal’s Night!

Last March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day, we honor the accomplishments of women everywhere, their struggles for equality, and their motivational tales. “Embrace Equity,” this year’s theme, envisions a society in which opportunities are equal and differences are respected. Why not curl up with a film that celebrates and empowers women to honor this day?

There are movies that can uplift your spirits and inspire you, ranging from stirring documentaries to touching storylines. So get your popcorn, settle in, and get ready for an amazing cinematic experience honoring the extraordinary women who impact our world.

  1. Hidden Figures

“Hidden Figures” narrates the true story of three accomplished African American women mathematicians at NASA: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. The story is set against the backdrop of the Space Race. They encounter discrimination based on their gender and race, yet they use their wits and willpower to contribute significantly to the Apollo missions’ success. Mary strives to become an engineer, Dorothy leads the push to move to computers, and Katherine computes flight trajectories. In the end, their tenacity and untapped abilities help America win the space race and serve as an inspiration to future generations.

2. Little Women

“Little Women” follows the March sisters, Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth, as they negotiate life during the Civil War. Jo, an ambitious writer, strives for freedom and defies society standards. Meg, the eldest, dreams of having a loving family. Amy pursues artistic adventures in Europe, while Beth’s sweet personality warms the household. Through laughter, tears, and sacrifices, they realize the value of family, self-discovery, and discovering their voices in a world that frequently attempts to define them. In this beautiful coming-of-age story, you’ll see them evolve, pursue their aspirations, and learn what actually counts.

3. Legally Blonde

Elle Woods, a perky sorority queen with a love for pink, has her life flipped upside down when her boyfriend rejects her for someone “more serious.” Determined to win him back, Elle sets her sights on Harvard Law School. Despite skepticism and underestimation, she approaches the issue with her trademark charm, wit, and underestimated brilliance. Along the process, Elle discovers secret depths within herself, uses her particular abilities to solve a seemingly difficult case, and demonstrates that being true to yourself is the most valuable asset of all.

4. Wonder Woman

“Wonder Woman” follows Diana, a princess reared on the remote Amazon island of Themyscira. When American pilot Steve Trevor crashes there, he recounts the atrocities of World War I, which Diana believes were planned by Ares, the God of War. Diana leaves her home for the first time and joins forces with Steve to stop Ares and finish the war. Armed with Amazonian strength, bracelets, and the Lasso of Truth, she confronts the harsh realities of combat while learning about the complexity of humanity. Diana faces Ares, discovers the true meaning of heroism, and accepts her destiny as Wonder Woman.

5. The Devil Wears Prada

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Andy, an aspiring writer, finds the “dream job” as assistant to Miranda Priestly, the chilly editor of fashion magazine Runway. However, the glitter fades quickly as Miranda’s demands grow ridiculous and insulting. Andy, torn between pursuing job progress and remaining loyal to herself, navigates the competitive fashion world while neglecting her friends and partner. Will she make it through a year of Miranda’s anger and emerge empowered, or will she lose herself in the process? “The Devil Wears Prada” is a clever and thought-provoking story about ambition, identity, and the cost of success in a competitive industry.

6. I Am Greta

“I Am Greta” follows Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old Swedish activist on the autism spectrum, as she ignites a global movement demanding climate action. Beginning with a lone school strike, Greta’s unshakable persistence and strong message resonated with millions, igniting the Fridays for Future movement. The documentary follows her ascent to notoriety, from speeches at UN summits to meetings with world leaders, while also diving into her personal struggles, such as bullying and internet harassment. “I Am Greta” is a dramatic and inspiring narrative of one young person’s fortitude in speaking truth to power and sparking a global movement for change.

7. He Named Me Malala

“He Named Me Malala” depicts the narrative of Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl who promotes girls’ education. The Taliban’s rise to power disturbs her calm life since they prohibit girls from attending school. Malala courageously advocates for education, infuriating the Taliban, who attempt to assassinate her. Malala miraculously survives and becomes a global icon of education rights, as well as the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The film chronicles her journey, highlighting her father’s continuous support, the difficulties of adjusting to a new life in England, and her unyielding resolve to fighting for every girl’s right to education.

8. Moana

Moana, a vibrant Polynesian princess, longs to venture beyond her safe island. When a blight threatens her people, the ocean selects Moana to reconnect a legendary artifact with the goddess Te Fiti, therefore restoring life. Moana braves the vast ocean with the help of Maui, a cocky demigod, encountering legendary monsters and self-doubt. Along the process, she develops her inner power and navigates Maui’s rich history. In a spectacular finish, Moana confronts Te Ka, the embodiment of evil, and discovers that true power lies not in relics, but within her. This coming-of-age novel honors cultural history, self-discovery, and the determination to forge your own path.

9. Brave

“Brave” transports you to the Scottish Highlands, where Princess Merida defies tradition by refusing assigned suitors and instead embraces archery. Her fiery nature clashes with her mother, Queen Elinor, who desperately tries to shape her into an appropriate princess. Seeking to change her fate, Merida makes a pact with a witch to transform Elinor into a bear! Now, Merida must rebuild their relationship and break the curse before it’s too late. Join her on a fascinating trip filled with fantastic animals, ancient magic, and heartwarming moments as she discovers the true meaning of bravery, family, and forging her own destiny.

10. Maleficent

“Maleficent” reimagines Sleeping Beauty’s story from the villain’s perspective. Maleficent, a benevolent fairy who once protected a beautiful forest, is betrayed by a human, hardening her heart and causing her to curse Princess Aurora. Maleficent is drawn to Aurora as she gets older, which causes her to question her own darkness and the actual nature of good and evil. Can she break the curse and repair the broken land, or will vengeance overtake her? This artistically breathtaking film delves into issues of discrimination, forgiveness, and the difficulties of love, all with Maleficent’s unique flair.

11. Spirited Away

Chihiro, ten, falls into a world of spirits with her parents, who are soon transformed into pigs by the witch Yubaba. To save them and return home, Chihiro works in Yubaba’s bathhouse, which caters to exotic creatures. She overcomes obstacles, makes odd friends like Haku, and navigates a world of magic and danger. Chihiro overcomes hurdles, learns crucial lessons, and goes on a voyage of self-discovery, allowing her to save her parents and return to the human world forever changed.

From the unshakeable tenacity of the mathematicians in “Hidden Figures” to Moana’s daring spirit, these films highlight women’s power, intelligence, and diversity. As you commemorate International Women’s Day, may these stories inspire you to embrace your own distinct voice, fight for what you believe in, and pave the way for a more equitable future. Remember, you, like the remarkable ladies on screen, have the ability to create your own extraordinary story. So grab a friend, hoist a glass, and continue the celebration!

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