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Is Your Home Summer Ready?

Is your home Summer Ready? | Community Real Estate Group, Keller Williams Tri-Cities WA

Check out this guide for some of the points to keep your home summer ready!

  • Water your plants wisely
  • Start weeding as early as you see weeds grow
  • Remove dead branches of trees
  • Deep water your trees and add a layer of mulch
  • Inspect and clean your grill; check for gas leaks
  • Examine your playground equipment and make sure there are no hazards present
  • Check you pool equipment and systems for repairs and issues
  • Conduct an energy audit to save energy and money

Summer’s almost here! Who’s excited for barbecue parties, backyard camping, and splashing in the pool? If you’re summer-ready, so should your home be!


  • Wise Watering
    • Higher temperature due to the summer season causes the soil to dry up more quickly with water evaporating. It’s important to water your plants and irrigate your yard during early mornings when the temperatures are cooler.
  • Weed now
    • As soon as you start seeing weeds grow, remove them to prevent their root system from growing and making it more difficult for you to pluck them out.

Tree Care

Summer-ready backyard tree care
  • This doesn’t only keep you safe from having them fall on you or get carried by the wind to your home during storms but it also helps with the tree’s growth [1].
  • Deep water your trees and add a thick layer of mulch to ensure that your trees are getting enough water, with the mulch hindering evaporation [2].

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Grill and outdoor cooking

  • Always check the fuel and have it turned off for safety before inspecting and cleaning your grill. Don’t forget to check for gas leaks and remove piled-up debris from the firebox!

Play Equipment

  • Have any playground equipment in your backyard? Check for playground hazards like tripping hazards, sharp points, corners, and edges to prevent injuries.  Look around for those pesky bees and where they may have made a home.  See more common playgrounds hazards here as provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission [3].


  • Check pool equipment for repairs and issues to be addressed, make sure that the filtration system and pumps are working properly [4]
  • Make sure your pool deck is not slippery because of accumulated mildew and dirt, having it pressure-washed if needed.
  • Have your water tested to assure that your water’s chemicals are balanced and so that the pool equipment system will not be affected by it. [4]
  • Vaccum your pool for debris, leaves, and bugs at the bottom
  • Test the railings, ladders, and the like to ensure the safety of the users

Energy Efficiency Audit

  • Have an energy audit to identify areas where you can save energy this summer. Inspect for air leaks, insulation, check your cooling system in order to reduce cooling costs and saving energy [5]. Better yet, have a pro do an assessment for your home’s energy efficiency.

Are there other points we might have missed? Let us know!

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This blog was originally published on June 27, 2022 and updated on June 15, 2023.

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