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Range Hoods: Over-the-Range Microwaves or Wall-Mounted Hoods?

This or that over-the-range microwave or wall-mounted hood?

There are different types of range hoods for residential kitchens and two of those include the Over-the-Range Microwave Hood and the Wall-Mounted Hood. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks depending on your needs, preferences, and available kitchen space. Let’s explore the differences between the two.

Over-the-Range Microwaves

For over-the-range microwaves, you can have two options: ductless, wherein smoke/fumes are filtered and air will then be released back in the room, or vented to the outside [1].


  • Maximizing Kitchen Space – With this type of range hood, you can maximize your kitchen space especially if you want more shelving or countertop space. This works great for smaller kitchens.
  • 2-in-1 Solution – functioning both as a microwave while providing smoke ventilation.


  • Ventilation Capability – Over-the-range microwaves have lower ventilation capacity than standalone range hoods, ranging from 200 CFM – 500 CFM motor class [2]. To further explain, CFM is the measurement of a range hood’s venting capability and refers to the cubic feet of air that it is able to remove per minute [3].
  • Accessibility – This type of range hood might not be suitable for shorter users or for children since it would be difficult to reach.

Wall-Mounted Range Hood

Range hoods can be a great focal point in your kitchen, as seen in the two kitchens below. The kitchen on the left is further emphasized by flanking the stainless hood with white cabinetry with subway glass tile backsplash below. Whereas the kitchen on the right features a stainless range hood set on black marble backsplash that goes up to the ceiling.


  • Ventilation Capability – Traditional range hoods can offer stronger ventilation, ranging from 200-600 CFM motorclass with commercial hoods up to 1200 CFM Motor Class [2].
  • Ductless Option – The option for a ductless range hood is available if you want to save up space that will typically be used for the ducting system.


  • Space – Can be space consuming, unlike the over-the-range microwave where there’s a flexibility to put more storage on top of the microwave. Also, if you’ll choose the ducted option, your kitchen should have ample space for the ducted system to be installed properly.

Thinking about having your kitchen renovated? Which option will you go for: the over-the-range microwave or wall-mounted hood? If you’re searching for a home in the Tri-Cities that has the particular type of range hood you’re looking for, we can help! Contact one of our Buyer Specialists so we can make your buying process smooth and easy.


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