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The Faulty Four: Top 4 Risky Moves when Selling Your Home

What are the four risky moves?

  1. Unnecessary Upgrades
  2. Deciding to DIY
  3. Not getting your home Pre-inspected
  4. Overpricing

Your home selling journey can be both an overwhelming yet exciting process. You’ll be leaving a home where you’ve built memories, but will begin a new journey into finding your new home. Although the real estate transaction may be complex, by working with a listing agent, they will make sure the home selling process will be easy and smooth. They will be guiding you throughout the transaction and giving helpful advice, such as moves to take and what not to take.

There are Top 4 risky moves that multiple homeowners make in the process of selling their home, as listed by our listing specialists. You can also check out our infographic here or scroll below!

  1. Unnecessary Upgrades
Check out this home’s leaf-patterned wallpaper! It looks very cute but others might not prefer prints or even wallpapers.
  • Buying something at a certain price hoping it increases the value of the home. Always consult with a listing specialist first before deciding on buying something to make sure that what you buy is indeed in the market trends.
  • Upgrades to home that aren’t neutral. Your potential buyers will have different preferences from you. Often, this refers to carpet and wall paint colors. If you decide to upgrade, choose neutral colors. To play safe, before upgrading anything, negotiate with the buyers first.

2. Deciding to DIY

Don’t let it be a DIY disaster!
  • Hiring a licensed architect, contractor, or professional interior designer will ensure a smoother and hassle free experience compared to you deciding to DIY home remodeling or improvements. By leaving this work to the experts who have the knowledge and equipment, you can guarantee quality workmanship. DIY may look fun and easy on TV shows but it takes time, knowledge, and skills! Don’t let the supposedly DIY improvement turn into a DIY disaster. Hire an expert!

3. Not Getting Your Home Pre-inspected

Have your home pre-inspected first.
  • The recommended practice is to get your home pre-inspected before negotiating with the buyer. What usually happens when you don’t is when you go right to the negotiation stage, the buyer will request a home inspection, and you’ll go back to the negotiation stage again, especially when the inspector found multiple issues with your home. It will be surely be a waste of your time and energy to skip your home’s pre-inspection and go right into the negotiation.

4. Overpricing

Keep in mind that overpricing is a HUGE risk!
  • Overpricing is huge risk, you don’t always get what you want, so when you start price reduction, people will think there might be something wrong with the house. Remember, the first three weeks are the best time to find a ready buyer.

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In this aggressive market, it is imperative that you work with an agent who is a skilled negotiator, has a deep understanding of the local market, and has unquestionable integrity. Being able to ask the right questions and follow up consistently are ways that we bulletproof our transactions, with a combined 20+ years of problem-solving difficult sales within the team, you can rest easy knowing a true professional has your back.

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