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Summer Guide to the Tri-Cities: 5 Things to Do and Places to Visit!

Summer Guide to the Tri-Cities - Community Real Estate Group

Summer Guide to the Tri-Cities: 5 Things to Do and Places to Visit!

Let the sunshine on your face and experience a summer get-away in the Tri-Cities!

  1. Try out exciting and relaxing water activities along the Tri-Cities’ three rivers
  2. From the wetlands to mountains, embark on a nature adventure with the beautiful Tri-Cities’ landscapes and unique geology.
  3. Play and enjoy picnics at the 400-acre Columbia Park.
  4. Watch the Dust Devils baseball games at the Gesa Stadium in Pasco.
  5. Visit and shop at the Farmers’ Markets in Kennewick, Richland, West Richland, and Pasco.

  1. Water Activities in the Rivers!

With the Columbia, Yakima, and Snake Rivers present in the Tri-Cities, there are unlimited opportunities for water activities to try out! Swim, innertube float, kayak, paddleboard, jet ski, wakeboard, or cruise through the rivers passing through gorgeous and enchanting Tri-Cities sceneries. See birds and wildlife as you go through the peaceful waters. Hydro racing is also scheduled during the summer!

2. Go on a Nature Adventure!

With unique geology and landscape features, along with the abundance of wildlife, the Tri-Cities is a perfect place to embark on a nature adventure.

  • Choose different trail options to hike on the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve and see the spectacular sunrise and sunsets while enjoying the excellent views.
  • Visit Amon Creek along the Yakima River and discover diverse wildlife and perennials.
  • Go birdwatching on Bateman Island and see the confluence of the Yakima and Columbia Rivers.
  •  Check out the Dr. Rod Coler Audubon Nature Trail at the Columbia Park in Kennewick and immerse yourself in nature while learning more about our local community history through displays scattered along the trail [1].
  • Appreciate nature and history in Sacajawea Historical State Park! You can first visit the interpretive center to know more about the park’s role in the Lewis and Clark expedition and later head down to the beach where the Snake and Columbia River meets [2].

3. Play and Take Picnics at the Park!

Pick a spot at the 400-acre Columbia Park and lay your picnic blankets down! Picnic tables and shelters are also available if you didn’t bring a blanket! Bask in the sun or seek refuge under the huge trees and enjoy the fresh river breeze.  Trails give you the option to walk or bike by the river! Various play fields can be found in the park for skating, volleyball, and soccer. You can also fish at the Columbia Park Pond. If the weather’s too warm, soak in the river or join in the fun at the Playground of Dream’s aquatic playground [3]! There are also places to rent kayaks, paddle boards, and jet skis for a little thrill and exercise. 

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4. Visit the Farmers’ Markets!

Shop at the farmers’ markets in Kennewick, Richland, West Richland, Prosser, and Pasco for fresh local produce and goods. From vegetables, fruits, cheese, and fresh baked goods, to art, coffee, and wine, you can find everything in the Tri-Cities farmers’ markets!  The great thing about these markets is that they are usually on different days of the week allowing you to visit them all for a variety.

5. Watch and Enjoy the Baseball Games at Gesa Stadium!

Buy tickets or join our giveaway and watch the Tri-Cities Dust Devils play at the Gesa Stadium. Their games started during the spring and continue into the summer!  This is a California Angels farm team so you never know who you may see in the MLB someday. 

If you’re planning to visit the Tri-Cities, which activities did you add to your list? If you’re a local, which is your favorite? Let us know! Composed of the cities of Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, West Richland, Burbank, Benton City, Finley, and Prosser, the Tri-Cities definitely have a lot of experiences to offer. So, if you are visiting and thinking about relocating to the Tri-Cities, contact us at Community Real Estate Group where we can provide you with a packet and a free community tour! 


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