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Why Get a Home Inspection When Buying?

Getting or not getting a home inspection? by Community Real Estate Group
  1. Look for a professional inspector
  2. Check out the roof for damages
  3. Have the walls examined for sagging and moisture damage
  4. Make sure there are no electrical hazards
  5. The sewer system should be assessed for pipe damages and septic tank issues

Buying a home is an exciting and tedious process. After your offer has been accepted, you’re finally one step closer to your new home! However, you still need to scrutinize the property by having it inspected for issues to make sure that the purchase is worth the price. Here are five critical points to consider during the inspection stage of your home buying journey.

  1. Look for a professional inspector –
Things to check for when choosing a home - professional inspector

Your agent will most likely refer you to a trusted professional inspector! Also, although it isn’t mandatory for you to go to the inspection, being there for it will make you see the state of your chosen home first-hand. You can also ask questions to the inspector to better understand specific problems or the report’s findings.

2. Check out the Roof –

Things to check for when choosing a home - check the roof

Is there damage to the roof leading to indoor leakage and damaging the interior walls and ceilings? Have the roof thoroughly inspected in case there is a need for repairs that the seller will be shouldering. You wouldn’t want to move in a home later learning it has a damaged roof and have it repaired at your expense!

3. Walls –

Things to check for when choosing a home - inspect the walls

Connected with the roof problems, if there are any, inspect the walls and make sure there isn’t any sagging and moisture damage.

4. Electrical –

Things to check for when choosing a home - check electrical

Have the home’s electrical system inspected. Check for dead outlets, exposed wires, loose connections, outdated and damaged wiring, and other electrical hazards.

5. Sewer scope inspection

Things to check for when choosing a home - have a sewer scope

With the sewer lines and pipes inspected for flaws and problems, you’ll be able to determine if there are tree root damages, crushed pipes, clogs, and septic tank issues.

Purchasing a home in this hot market can be quite stressful. Buyer agents at Community Real Estate Group are knowledgeable advisors that can guide you with your home-buying process in the Tri-Cities. Connect with us today and let’s strategize on finding your next home in this competitive market!

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