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Which Deck Will You Pick For Your Tri-Cities home?

Which Deck will you pick for your Tri-Cities Home?   | Community Real Estate Group Keller Williams, Columbia Basin Tri-Cities

Advantages of Wooden Deck

  • Natural look
  • Cooler in the heat
  • Less expensive material

Disadvantages of Wooden Deck

  • Expensive Maintenance

Advantages of Composite Deck

  • More durable
  • Easier maintenance
  • More sustainable
  • Lasts longer than wood

Disadvantages of Composite Deck

  • Greater initial cost
  • Higher heat retention

Building a deck is one of the top 5 remodeling projects for 2022, as per a study conducted by  Zillow and Realm. Decks provide an extension of your living spaces to the outdoors, a great spot for soaking up the sun during sunny months, sipping hot coffee in the cooler months, and overall a great place for entertaining!

Wooden Deck


  • Natural Look
    • Naturally appealing, the look of wood provides a cozy ambiance, unlike composite decking which might still look and feel synthetic despite its finish to look like wood.
  • Cooler in the Heat
    • Traditional wood is cooler to the touch than that of composite decking [1]
  • Durability
    • If wood is your preferred decking material, choose “naturally durable hardwood” since it provides “less concerns about things like decay, rotting, termites, and other bugs” [1] and can last for more than 40 years, however, cheaper wood only lasts 10-15 years [2].
  • Cost
    • Compared to composite decking, this option is less expensive. Labor is cheaper and more affordable as well [1&4]


  • Maintenance
    • Maintenance for wooden decking can be expensive. The application of oil-based deck stain or paint is necessary every year for it to not acquire a weathered look. Cleaning it is required twice a year while resealing is needed annually or every 2 to 5 years [1, 2, 4].

Composite Deck

Composite Wood Deck with Metal Railing


  • Durability
    • Composite decking is more moisture, fade, weather, warp, bow, and splintering resistant compared to wood [3&4] and does not need any treatment, staining, or painting, unlike wood [7].
  • Maintenance
    • Easy and cheaper maintenance compared to wooden decking, there’s little to no need for re-staining, re-painting, or re-sealing of composite decking. It just needs to be cleaned with soap and water twice a year [3&4].
  • Sustainability
    • This decking option is made from recycled plastic and wood scraps [3&5].
  • Longevity
    • Composite decking can last for 50 years [4]


  • Cost
    • Greater initial cost than wood, with $30-60 per square foot [4].
  • Heat retention
    • Heat retention is one of the primary disadvantages of composite decking, but manufacturers have developed technologies that makes it cooler to the touch [6]
  • Color
    • Darker colored composite decking may fade and since the color of the decking is permanent, if any fading happens to one of the boards and needs to be replaced, it’ll be noticeable due to the fading of surrounding boards. [7 & 8]

Will you choose wood or composite decking?

As a homeowner, will you also do a remodeling project for your backyard? With the advantages and disadvantages of both wood and composite decking laid out, which would you choose if you’re thinking of doing a remodel? Let us know!

If you want to know the opinions of our real estate specialists on which material is better in the current Tri-Cities market, don’t hesitate to connect with us! You can also browse through our Ultimate Real Estate Guide which is composed of Home Buyer and Seller Tips and blogs on Home Features!


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