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Join us at Community Real Estate Group

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Join us at Community Real Estate Group | Keller Williams, Columbia Basin | Tri-Cities WA

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We are honored to be recipients of Keller Williams Awards for 2023!

Working with Community Real Estate Group


Our culture is serious, fun, focused, customer-centric, purposeful, and accountable. We are a learning-based team that trains to be successful in our ventures, leaders in the real estate industry, and wealth builders. We build synergy as a team with our daily team huddles, focused training meetings, and scripts and role-play, and we hold each other to the highest standards. We love hosting events where our team can bring value to their present, past, and future clients.


Support is at the core of the services we provide to our agents. This support includes sales and listing coordinators, a marketing specialist, technology support, buyer and listing presentations, professional coaching and training, graphic design and copy editing. More than that, our team offers shared knowledge from years of experience and we benefit from additional resources provided by Keller Williams.


Training is a central hub of Keller Williams, and here at Community Real Estate Group, we offer focused training on models and systems in the real estate industry. These systems are designed to make you thrive in any market and to give you the ability to reach the income levels you desire. Here, we design a life worth living and live a life by design.


Leads are generated from various sources and distributed amongst the team. We source leads from websites, signs, social media, ads, builders, model homes, open houses and walk ins. We also provide training on capturing and converting leads to appointments, and therefore to money.


Appointments are the key to closed transactions. Our support staff schedule potential leads for our agents, conduct interviews, and pull data together for you, giving you a 90% conversion rate from appointments to closings. Converting leads from prospects to contracts is the path to success.