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Kennewick Homes for Sale What you need to know about Kennewick

Since 2000, no other community in the state of Washington has grown faster than the Tri-Cities. The city of Kennewick is a notable member of the Tri-Cities found in the State of Washington. Kennewick is a Native American word meaning “winter paradise” as the winters are typically mild. With a 2020 population of 82,633 [1], the City of Kennewick is the most populous. This great city can be found in the southeastern part of Washington. It is a part of the Benton County which lies along the bank of the Columbia River and South of the river confluence with the Yakima River. Let’s see why you should be thinking of relocating to Kennewick.


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The city of Kennewick is known to be the center of economic activities in the Southeastern part of Washington, not just because of its population, but because of the strong manufacturing, food processing, retail trade and services economy.  The opening of branch offices of several top companies such as Amazon, Areva, Walmart, Home Depot, and others propels this economic activity. Agriculture is also one of main the sources of revenue. Farming is quite easy because of the region’s fertile soil, and irrigation is supplied by the Columbia River. With over 200 wineries found in the Columbia Valley makes it the second largest wine producing region in America.  With the help of all of these, Kennewick recorded a 9.9% 5-year job growth in 2022 [2].


The ever-increasing economy and job growth have seen lots of folks relocate to the city of Kennewick. The typical home value for homes in Kennewick is at $425,514, which 14.6% higher than it was in 2021 [3]. Listed as one of 50 safest cities in Washington [4], along with its proximity to big cities like Seattle and Portland, makes it an ideal place to call home.


The people of the city of Kennewick are art enthusiasts and the “First Thursday Art Walk” featuring downtown historic galleries is quite popular.  Citizens of Kennewick considering themselves “wine aficionados” and spend time visiting the surrounding tasting rooms. Throughout the Tri-Cities runs the majestic Columbia River, with locals engaging in various water sports activities, boat rides, and fishing. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the annual Tri-City Water Follies Columbia Cup unlimited hydroplane races and over-the-river airshow. Locals enjoy bike riding and hiking on the numerous trails. Kennewick is close enough for day trips to 5 ski resorts for winter fun. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, and the typically mild winter allows for enough opportunity to participate in outdoor activities year-round. Golfing is enjoyed year-round and Kennewick is home to the Tri-Cities highest rated golf course, Canyon Lakes and the Tri-City Country Club.

Recreation & Tourism

There are many tourism locations/parks in the city of Kennewick such as Clover Island, and the 400-acre Columbia Park.

Clover Island is a 16-acre recreational area near downtown. Recently, the Port of Kennewick, City of Kennewick, and Benton County collaborated together in creating the Columbia Gardens Urban Wine & Artisan Village at Clover Island with the goal of “reconnecting the community to its riverfront” and features food trucks, restaurants, breweries, wineries, shopping, and more [5].

Within Columbia Park, there are trails for biking or strolling along the river, play fields for soccer, skating, and volleyball, as well as the aquatic playground at the Playground of Dreams which is used in the summer!

Other kid-friendly attractions to partake in are the Gesa Carousel of Dreams, Columbia Park’s family fishing pond, J&S Dreamland Express train-trolley, and MCBONES Research Center’s Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site. 

The Tri-Cities is home to several “State of the Art” sports centers like Kennewick’s Toyota Center, which hosts the Western Hockey League Tri-City Americans Hockey Team, as well as Tri-Cities Fever Indoor Football Team.  Kennewick is also host to many sports tournaments like baseball, softball, field hockey, football and even pickle ball.

Schools in Kennewick

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