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West Richland Homes for Sale Welcome to West Richland!

With the city’s 2020 population of 16,951 [1], West Richland has rapidly become the first choice for families seeking residential excellence and a relaxed life style. It boasts numerous parks, various opportunities for outdoor recreation, excellent schools, and low crime rates.


West Richland - Homes for Sale - Economy | Community Real Estate Group

The City continues to grow, offering a unique mix of urban and rural living. This growth has attracted new businesses and the addition of a new elementary and middle school. West Richland is poised to welcome new commercial and industrial development with its open spaces, available land, and infrastructure. As part of the Columbia Valley, distinguished for producing world class wine, there is an abundance of wineries within West Richland and surrounding areas [2].


West Richland is named as the second safest city in Washington state [3], which probably contributes to the continuous increase in the city’s home prices. In fact, there is a 16.2% increase on the city’s typical home value compared to 2021. Currently, the typical home value is at $505,274 [4].

Recreation and Tourism

West Richland - Homes for Sale - Recreation and Tourism | Community Real Estate Group

West Richland’s many public parks and new Sports Complex have become hubs for exciting community activities throughout the year. Events including an extensive Summer Concert Series, Hogs & Dogs, Flat Top Food Truck Night, Wednesday in West Community Market, Fall Harvest Festival, Veterans Day Parade and December’s Carols and Cocoa [5] offer families high quality recreational experiences near home.

Schools in West Richland

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